Precision Horizontal Surface grinding Service

  • 2019/11/13

One-Shine Techology specilizes in producing precision electronic and mechanical components.Both industries are high-precision required, and even 1 micron (one thousandth of a millimeter or 10^-6 meter) greatly affects quantity of products.In order to save customers from looking for different manufacturing process time, One-Shine Technology has began to provide surface grinding services in July this year!Our surface grinding enginner has more than 30 years of grinding experience. The enginner personally supervises every step of grinding process to achieve customers' requirements. Therefore, the components manufactured by One-Shine Technology will move to a more sophisticated industry.Do you want to save your time to find a surface grinding factory? Do you want to find great quality of milling and grinding manufacture at a reasonable price? One-Shine Technology will be your best choice.Welcome customers who have milling and grinding processing needs, and give us the opportunity to serve you.